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Thousands of Additional Airport Choices

Did you know... Of the approximately 5,217 public use airports in the US, only about 396 of them are served by the airlines?  That is not counting the additional 14,702 private airports most folks have never even heard of.  Most of these other airports are only available to private aircraft like ours.

That means... Depending on which aircraft you're flying, you have about nineteen-thousand five-hundred more potential airport choices available with us than when you fly the airlines.  This translates to less time in traffic commuting to and from airports, and
A LOT less time waiting in line.


Often there is an airport closer to where you sleep than you could have imagined, and closer to your destination as well.  There are also thousands of other available airports around the globe*.  You may even decide to put a runway in your back yard or hayfield.  


Travelers who enjoy our private flying service are surprised at how easy and convenient it is to walk onto the ramp on their own schedule with friends or family, relax into their own private aircraft and fly quickly to their destination without the hassles of traffic jams, waiting lines, baggage checks, TSA screenings, limited liquids, layovers, leaving pets behind, and other inconveniences commonly associated with airline travel. 


Whether you're traveling alone, or with a group of family or friends, there is likely an aircraft available that can acomodate you, and much more convenient airport choices than you even knew were possible.  Many of the choices are surprisingly economical.  Contact us at your convenience to see if there are aircraft and airports available to perfectly meet your needs.

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