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Piloting Services, Aircraft Management & Consultations

Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Leasing, Piloting Services
Aircraft Charter, Aircraft Leasing. Piloting Services

Matching You to Your Perfect Aircraft;
Helping You With an Aircraft You Currently Have

When it comes to air travel there are basically four ways to get there. 


1)  You can fly on the airlines. 

2)  You can charter an aircraft.  

3)  You can own your own aircraft and hire a flight crew to manage and fly it for you.   

4)  You can learn to fly and pilot yourself in either your own or someone else's aircraft.


If you're tired of flying the airlines because it's too inconvenient and intrusive, but you find that chartering an aircraft is too expensive, and owning an aircraft is out of your field of expertise or too expensive, then we have the perfect solution for you.


At Green Earth Aviation we have simplified these options and streamlined an approach that is truly revolutionary and affordable. 


How about owning a small part of a fleet of aircraft for a fraction of the normal cost of ownership, having all the benefits of ownership, and letting us manage and fly your aircraft for you?


It's really simple.  Once you're set up in an ownership program, just call or email your trip request and let us handle the rest.


Of course, if you still want to charter a flight we can set that up for you with one of our partners as well*.  

And if you're looking for professional pilots, flight crew, management services or advice, c
all today and see if we have a solution that's right for you.  808-212-7243

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